May 2019: "I absolutely love your designs.  You're terrific. (Mike Beach)


May 2019: “Outstanding Quality. On vacation in North Carolina I wore THIS!! shirt to a graduation. Everyone loved it. Mr. Edwards takes a lot of pride in his product and has his hands in every step of the process. It shows. I will continue to purchase my shirts from S!R Eddie.” (Roy Brown Jr.)


January 2019: “Great style! As with the other S!R shirts that I have, this is a beauty. Great color combo, fabric and fit.” (Robert Wilson)


August 2018: “Ever since I discovered S!R Eddie shirts, I realized I could not wear anybody’s other shirts - The design, The Feel, The Fabric, The Fit - are just not explainable till you try one! Eddie is such a compassionate human being that he puts your desires first and he delivers. The best compliment is a simple one, when a lady or man come over and pat me in the back, they start rubbing my back - actually I know there feeling the material, and I laugh because I know that’s what they are really enjoying. Eddie, thank you for your wonderful line and may I and you be around for 20 more years to enjoy our relationship.” (Larry Demonte)