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Style Guide

Here are some guides and tip on how to make the best of S!R by Eddie Edwards Shirts

Style Guide

Where else can I find your shirts?
S!R by Eddie Edwards shirts are available on our website and at our Showroom location in West Palm Beach.
Some lines are also available in selected retail stores – please click here to view these stores.

What if my size does not show up?
It means your size is unfortunately sold out. Since all our collections are produced in limited quantities, some sizes and designs have a very short shelf time on our website. Therefore, the more regularly you visit our site and the faster you order online, the better chance you have to receive the product of your choice!
None of our shirts are ever reproduced a second time, however successful they are with our customers – that is the reason why, if you have a crush for one of our shirts, not to wait too long before ordering it!

Can I search the site for all the shirts available in my size?
Our website has the option to search products by size: click here to be redirected to the “search by size“ section. This will allow you to view all the shirts available in your size.

Why are S!R shirts in limited edition?
I like to design shirts which give you the chance to wear your style without seeing it repeated. For a unique and exclusive look, S!R shirts give you the extra edge that you are looking for.

Shirt Sizing Chart

How to figure out the correct size for your S!R by Eddie Edwards shirt? Please read on for simple directions...

1. The cut of all of our shirts is a fitted cut, which means the fabric on the side is tapered to stay closer to the body than a regular shirt.

2. The neck size is the key dimension which determines the comfort level after you button up the collar (if you wear your shirt with a tie for example). To determine your neck size, tie a thread loosely around your neck, make a mark, then measure the length of the thread. This determines your neck size. Our shirts are made for necks from 14” to 19½”.

3. Please find below our dress shirts size measurements:

Note: the approximate U.S. equivalent of our shirt size has been indicated in the chart below, however we strongly recommend that you check your neck size, as indicated above, and prior to ordering one of our products. Sleeve length has been indicated for further reference if your neck size seems to fall in between two sizes.


S!R Men’s Wear Shirts


3 – Medium

4 – Large

5 – XL

6 – XXL

7 - XXXL

8 - XXXL


15” – 15½”

16” – 16¾”

17½” – 18”

18” – 18½”

19” – 19½”

20" -  21"



4. Should you need further information about our shirt size and cut feel free to contact our customer service by phone (561) 650 0007 or by email eedwards@sirmenswear.com

Care and Cleaning


SIR by Eddie Edwards shirts are all made of 100% cotton and do not significantly shrink during cleaning.
In order to ensure a long life to our high-quality products, we highly recommend the following care and cleaning procedures:


  • USE the “cold water, gentle cycle” in your washing machine, with gentle/slow spin-dry setting.
  • USE a plastic hanger (not metal) to hang your shirt dry.
  • Do NOT use a clothes dryer, unless you are very careful not to overheat (“cook”) the shirt.
  • IRON on medium heat only.